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January 8, 2015

Website reaches target of 100,00 visits

by GWH Cycle Challenge

The website which has helped to win all of these fantastic prizes has reached its target of 100,00 visits and has been monumental in the fundraising undertaken for both cycling from Rome and also keeping you up to date with challenges and cycling events in Wiltshire and beyond.

As previously advertised the Sports Auction at the request of Great Western Hospital under the Brighter Futures banner is now going to be under their direction. GWH Cycle Challenge has always maintained and held itself in high regard to operate on a professional level and ensure that what has been achieved is honest and above board. That includes liaising with sponsors and fundraising with the General Public. GWH Cycle Challenge has been judged to be potentially misleading the public as a venture run by Great Western Hospital themselves and it has been requested that the site be taken down.  GWH Cycle Challenge as a voluntary fundraiser in aid of Great Western Hospital has a commitment to honour the trusts wishes.  GWH Cycle Challenge has always stated and displayed we are fundraising voluntarily in aid of Great Western Hospital, as agreed by the hospital.

The site has always intended to raise funds, have fun through events, promote health and fitness and empower people to tackle challenges in aid of the hospital. This was achieved.

A further story on the closure of the site and auction contents will follow.





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