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Where you help

About GWH NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund

GWH NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund is a registered Charity that sits within the GWH NHS Foundation Trust, raising money for Great Western Hospital and community health and maternity services across Wiltshire and parts of Bath and North East Somerset.

The GWH NHS Foundation Trust employs over 5,500 members of staff and is responsible for caring for almost 1,400,000 patients annually, delivering an outstanding service to patients and their families.

Over the past 5 years, the Charitable Fund has provided financial support for a number of vital and successful schemes such as:


£46,000 on a video conferencing system and training equipment for the cardiology specialty and baby care unit

£39,000 on material to improve children’s speech language therapy across the community

£10,000 to install a footpath around the communal pond at GWH for use by patients and staff

£22,000 to fund bereavement counselling

£13,000 on recliners for the day therapy centre

£90,000 on a mother and baby courtyard

£37,000 for a scalp cooler used in day therapy for cancer patients 

£418,000 over 5 years in staff education and welfare

Your support really does help reach areas that would not usually be government funded.  By taking on your own challenge or sponsoring someone else, your support is very much needed and appreciated so thank you.