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Good Weather Ensures Fun Day With Bike Events

On Sunday 7th September over 600 cyclists from different parts of the land enjoyed a great days cycling through the Pewsey Downs and beyond. Now in its 4th year The Wiltshire Big Wheel has routes to give cyclists young and old the chance to explore our wonderful roads in convoy. Read more »


Thank You For Your Support

With the ride completed on July 4th I would just like to say thanks to the many people who have supported and followed me on the journey.  I am still collecting funds for the ride up until 4th August, if you would like to donate but haven’t done so yet you can still do so via this link Read more »


Cookham to Great Western Hospital then home (79 miles) 1820 miles in total

I set off early in the morning and enjoyed a cup of Coffee at Starbucks in Marlow. I cruised on into Henley On Thames and made a visit to Henley Regatta. I sat on the river bank and talked with an official who was on his day off. He explained to me the rules and regulations for the rowing teams and explained how the waterways are marshaled on regatta weekend. I found it very interesting and enjoyed watching the teams compete. Read more »


Rochester to Cookham 105 ish miles

Having left Rochester I stopped in for a cup of tea at my Grandmothers near Orpington and a rest for the afternoon. I set off for London first thing the next morning. I battled my way through the traffic and lights and made good speed in to the capital, arriving at midday. A few stops, a cruise up the mal and a visit to Big Ben. Read more »


Ameleteuse to Nr Rochester ( 72 miles)

I headed for Calais and cruised along the coastline.. slowly, still aching. A good nights sleep though and enjoyed the ride with a decent climb along the coast to descend in to Calais. I followed 2 ferries in to France from England along the coast to the port and my ride through mainland France was complete. Read more »


Amiens to Amleteuse ( 96 Miles including area 51)

I set off at 7:00 AM sure to make Calais today I thought. 30 Miles on I was steaming along toward the front line on the Somme. Gps.. GPS what a great invention, Lets go and explore this Somme and get a feel for the place. Read more »


Pontoise to Amiens ( 80 miles )

Having left Paris in literally  a rain storm I pitched up wild camping style near the town of Pontoise everything I owned was drenched. Now only possessing 2 t-shirts both were soaked, socks, shoes you name it. The downpour carried on until the morning and I set off in still wet clothes having slept damp. Read more »


Heading home via the long route

Its been an amazing ride,  I have had strangers give me places to stay, businesses have provided services free in support of the hospital.  I have met some excellent people from many countries, some I have cycled with, some I have had a few beers with, we have debated politics including areas such as the Euro, we have talked football, music, its been a real eye opener. Read more »


You can donate online here

I have made the climb from Paris and this is not as simple as it sounds wit a basic map..It is a maze of roads leading to what seems like only one way out that’s motorways.. I cant cycle on them. I didn’t think I would get out of the place at one point.

If we can raise some funds online I am will take the long road home via Calais and London This amounts to about 200 miles extra cycling…  Read more »


Camping Indigo Paris… Visit on a budget in comfort

Yesterday I attempted to leave Paris and failed.. this was due to losing my map, getting lost and ending up on the wrong side of town. It was getting late and its 50k minimum heading out of town before you are in tent friendly grounds. I had gone to visit Jim Morrison and I was running late. Read more »